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MH Design Ltd has been providing structural engineering consulting services for over 30 years. 

Over that period, we’ve successfully completed 200-300 projects per year for new and repeat clients. We’ve earned a reputation for producing outstanding work in a variety of commercial, industrial and residential engineering projects.

Showroom Design

Why choose MH Design Ltd Structural Engineers?

Given the variety of building materials used in the construction industry today, Structural Engineers need to have broad consulting expertise. But many prefer to specialise in working with a particular type of material e.g. steel, concrete, light steel, masonry etc. 

This presents a challenge for clients who have projects designed using multiple materials. The need to seek the consulting input of several Engineers can potentially, add additional time and cost to the overall construction costs of any given project.

We have broad residential engineering and commercial engineering consulting expertise with a wide range of materials and a deep understanding of how various materials behave in certain conditions. In the event input is required from a Mechanical/Electrical/Geotechnical Engineer, we can liaise with them on our client’s behalf. We can also undertake liaison with other construction industry specialists such as Architects and Building Contractors.

As a result, we’ve saved our clients a lot of time and stress and provided them with the reassurance of a fair and accurate quote.

Industrial and Commercial Engineering

What does the engineering consulting process involve?

No project is too small so please don't hesitate to ask us if we can help make your plan into a real structure. If you’ve already got a plan drawn-up by an architect or you have an idea but need some structural engineering advice, then this is the basic process:

  1. Initial contact via telephone or email or make an appointment to meet at our office
  2. Listen to your ideas, brief or plan or visit your physical site
  3. Openly discuss your ideas and provide initial feedback
  4. Prepare Structural Calculations and drawings to New Zealand Building Code and Standards and attendance at Meetings. Liaison with other consultants and issue of Producer Statement for Design (PS1).
  5. Structural inspection and consultation and issue of Producer Statement for Construction Review (PS4).